Clinton DESTROYS Trump In Ad Mocking His “Sacrifices” While Veterans Watch

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Hillary Clinton has released a brutal ad that tears apart Republican Nominee Donald Trump. Trump has made slurs against veterans with scandals over saying he gave money when he hadn’t, insulted John McCain for being captured and being kept as a prisoner of war, and the list continues. Trump got into a fight with the parents of a dead Muslim-American soldier and discredited all soldiers when he described not contracting an STD during the time he dodged the draft as his own personal Vietnam.

Trump has strange misconceptions of how his privileged life has involved sacrifices. His own grandfather was deported from Germany for dodging the draft.

In the ad Trump says “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, I’ve had tremendous success” to a reporter that responds “Those are sacrifices”. The veterans in the commercial look on with disgust as demigod Trump claims to know more about ISIS than the generals.

It’s a hard hitting ad – what do you think of it?

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