Chelsea Clinton DESTROYS Republicans in SCATHING letter defending Hillary

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is fed up with the hostile and disgusting invective thrown at her mother’s feet by cowardly Republicans. A daughter can only stand idly by for so long and watch their parent be attacked relentlessly before they feel compelled to stand up and speak out, which is exactly what Chelsea Clinton did in a scathing letter.

The Clinton namesake wrote, “When Republicans repeatedly get on stage at their national convention and toss attack after attack at my mom, calling her things I’d never say in front of my children — let alone on live TV — they’re talking about a caricature they’ve imagined, not the woman that I love and respect.”

Most attacks against Clinton are pure propaganda and certainly are figments of the deranged minds of Republicans, which are not base anywhere remotely in reality. Chelsea Clinton continued, “My mom is compassionate, kind, and hardworking — when I was growing up, it seemed like she could do anything. She’d spend all day in court litigating on behalf of children and families, then come home and ask me over dinner what I learned in school, what my favorite part of my day was, and what I hoped would happen tomorrow. And then she would sit with me while I did my homework or practiced the piano or worked on my science project.”

The Clinton’s only daughter and heir to their political dynasty concluded her letter strongly, “My mom has been fighting for everyday Americans for as long as I can remember. She’s smart, she’s strong, and she never forgets who she is fighting for and why. I can’t wait to vote for her as our next president — but she needs to know that we’re with her right now.


The letter by Chelsea Clinton shows just how serious of an intellect she possesses. It is all but assured that she will eventually go into politics, even if it won’t be for another twenty years. When she does, however, she will certainly be a force with which to be reckoned.


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