CHEAP Trump is not paying his staff, owes MILLIONS

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has been marred with scandals of every color and variety. However, to Trump’s credit, he has kept the costs of his campaign within a reasonable limit. How has he failed businessman been able to accomplish this feat? Could it be due to his calculated business acumen which has led him bankrupt numerous corporations? In fact, the secret to Trump’s financial campaign success is he has not been paying some of his top staffers the high salaries they commanded when they signed on to work with Trump.

At least 10 of Trump’s top advisers are still owed payment. The individuals include the disgraced Paul Manafort who fled Trump’s campaign after his connections to European dictators was revealed. Manafort, however, is a millionaire so he won’t be missing Trump’s money. Other individuals including California state director Tim Clark, or communications director Michael Caputo are not in the same financial galaxy as Manafort and likely are hurting due to working for Trump for free.

To make matters worse for the unpaid Trump staff, all of whom have departed from the campaign; they must wait 120 days before jumping ship to a potentially higher paying job. Imagine working for Trump for months, only to not be paid, and then to be forced to wait for another four months to even start another job? These individuals hopefully saved their nickles and pennies and will be able to withstand the financial drought cause by Trump.

If Trump is truly a man of the people, why does not pay his staffers? He’s a billionaire, what is the salary of a few staffers to him?


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