Brave police chief SHOCKS the nation after he said THIS about police violence

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Inside police culture there is something called “the thin blue line” which is meant to imply police officers are on one side of the line, and everyone else sits on the opposite side. For police or members of law enforcement to speak out against one another is unheard of, and cause for banishment from the code of silence to which police hold so dear. That is why it was surprising for a police chief to speak out against police violence, and his comments have gone viral across the Internet.

The police chief of Middletown, Ohio, Rodney Muterspaw, shocked the nation when he took to Twitter to condemn fellow police officers for killing Terence Crutcher in what appeared to be cold blood. Muterspaw wrote:

As an officer I am so sick and drained of some cops doing things like this. You are making us all look bad. STOP. #TerenceCruthcher

He did not stop there with his criticism, in fact he was just getting started. Muterspaw further shared:

Life is precious man. Sorry we don’t all agree. Compassion and empathy is eternally important. Just sick of seeing death & hate. #Life

A lifelong member of law enforcement, Muterspaw shared his experiences on the street, as he has dealt with similar scenarios like what happened with Terence Crutcher:

Been on that type of call/situation over 100x. You don’t shoot for non-compliance. You shoot when UOF escalates. Not hard.

While many members of the public applaud Muterspaw’s bravery, he may face consequences from his fellow officers for taking such a public stand. What happens now is the guess of anyone.

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