BOMBSHELL: Trump did ILLEGAL business with CUBA in the 90s

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The dirty deeds of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s business ventures become darker and despicable the more the American people learn about them. In a new investigation, it was found Trump conducted business with the Communist government of Cuba during a time when doing so was against the law. Naturally, the Trump campaign claims they did nothing wrong.

A review of records and court filings uncovered by Newsweek found that in 1998 one of Donald Trump’s companies spent at least $68,000 in Cuba. Spending any amount of money at all was strictly banned by the U.S. government, but Trump and his cronies found a loophole in the rule. Trump’s company didn’t spend the money directly in Cuba. Instead, they gave money to a consulting firm named “Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corporation.” The shadow organization helped Trump by doing business in Cuba on his behalf. After Trump knowingly supported this illegal business venture he later said during a speech in Miami, when he was running for president of the “Reform Party”, that he would never do business with Cuba as long as Fidel Castro was in power.

When confronted with this conflict of interest Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway said, “They paid money, as I understand, in 1998.” Conway also said Trump didn’t invest any money in Cuba, but that doesn’t matter. Trump having spent any money at all was a direct violation. If the statute of limitations have not been exceeded, Trump deserves to be have the full weight of the law used against him.


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