Bill Maher Battles It Out With Trump’s Top Dog Kellyanne Conway

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On Friday night during the HBO TV Show Real Time With Bill Maher Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway was the interview guest. Maher is known for being extremely candid and he cut straight to the point:

“I must say I have mixed emotions. First of all, you are enabling pure evil.”

Via RealTimePolitics: Maher went on to compliment Conway, who became Trump’s campaign manager in August after a shake-up, for managing to “tame” the Republican presidential nominee. Maher said, “Now you’re perhaps the most important person in the world because you seem to be the only person who’s been able to tame Donald Trump. Many have tried, but only you were able to pull that sword out of the stone. How did you do it?”

Whatever one’s feelings towards Donald Trump one has to recognize the exceptional talent of Kellyanne Conway, as Bill Maher admits she has managed to “tame” Trump and keep him out of headlines for saying outrageous things. Since Conway was put in her position the regularity of Trump gaffes has decreased sizably. During that same period the race between Trump and Clinton has unfortunately become much more competitive, compounded by media events that have been spun by the right wing nut jobs about Hillary’s health.

Conway was likely unsuccessful in swaying any of Maher’s audience over to the Trump train, however she did deliver some well crafted jab – however untrue they may be, saying: “I actually think we’re going to win, Bill. You know it, you feel it. The Democrats may not like that—I know you’re stuck with a lemon here with 53 days to go and we’re surging, and I’m sorry for that, because she has never been somebody who recaptures the momentum.”

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