Bill Clinton Gives Hard Truths On The Daily Show That Trumpers Won’t Want To Hear…

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Former President Bill Clinton appeared on Comedy Central’s Daily Show With Trevor Noah to put in a good word for Hillary, although the mood was rather dramatic. Clinton had to defend the conspiracy theories about Clinton, defend the Clinton Foundation, and speak about how dangerous it is that the country is being so divided.

Via DailyBeast: After a break, the conversation pivoted to the politics of the presidential campaign. Speaking about the sharp divide between left and right in the U.S. today, Clinton said, “We have one remaining bigotry: We don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with us.” As the crowd laughed tepidly, he added, “They didn’t laugh too loudly because they know I’m telling the truth.”

“Most of her strongest supporters are those who’ve worked for her or have done business with him,” Clinton said of his wife. “They’re for her, too.” Most of his supporters “just want something new” and want to “close the door” on anyone who’s not like them, Clinton said. It’s those people, he added, that are being “played” by Trump.

And that is the crux of this election, as Clinton points out. Trump’s supporters are being fooled into thinking that foreign actors are the root of their problems. They blame Mexicans and Muslims for their lack of social mobility, instead of holding anger towards the Republican party that has sold them down the river for generations.

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