Bernie Sanders to hit the road to campaign for Hillary Clinton

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The supporters of former Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders are incredulous after learning the senator from Vermont is going to travelĀ the country in support of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sanders said months ago that he would do “whatever he can” to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, which includes taking to the streets to lure voters to Hillary Clinton’s camp. While Sanders conceded the Democratic nominee process, he has yet to actually follow through with his pledge to support Clinton until now. While staying in the North East part of America, Sanders is slated to appear in Lebanon, New Hampshire to stump for Clinton. The speech is to include, according to a representative of Clinton, “building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”

The good senator from Vermont spent over a year lambasting Clinton and her ties to Wall Street and big money. For him to turn an about face now and to speak to voters on Clinton’s behalf is tantamount to treason in the eyes of many who believed in the campaign message of Sanders. They do not understand how Sanders could ever support someone who he thoroughly proved was connected to so many powerful financial special interests. Sanders says stopping Donald Trump is more important than playing politics. He said he was doing this to stop Trump and his planĀ “which would benefit himself and other millionaires and billionaires.”

It seems the rhetoric of Sanders has stayed the same, but his focus has shifted entirely. His supporters wonder how he can talk about Trump’s financial positions, while Hillary Clinton is literally worth over $250 million and gets paid $250,000 an hour to speak to Wall Street bankers. Sanders will be making his case at 3 p.m. at Lebanon High School.


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