Bad news for Trump as his foundation faces harsher scrutiny

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It seems Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s luck is running out in the legal arena. Trump’s staff find themselves walking a tight rope in regards to the Trump Foundation which is increasingly being put under the hot lights of public investigation. While Trump has been nearly indestructible to political scandal in the past, many in the media believe wrongdoing by Trump involving his foundation may soon be his downfall.

At the heart of the issue is the Trump Foundation donated $25,000 to the campaign of Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General. Bondi decided coincidentally to not investigate Trump after receiving this donation. Now New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneidermann stated on CNN, “We have been looking into the Trump Foundation to make sure it’s complying with the laws governing charities in New York.”

To compound matters Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., embarrassed himself on live television when he was asked about his father’s foundation’s legal troubles.  The younger Trump said, “I don’t know anything about that” in regards to the foundation’s issues, yet Trump Jr. is listed as director for the foundation. So did Trump Jr. lie, or is here merely an empty suit and a director in name only? Either scenario leaves the Trumps vulnerable.

A spokesman for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Jordan Libowitz, said of the Trump Foundation’s legal problems, “These are serious potential violations of the law. In the worst-case scenario for Trump and the Foundation, the IRS could take away the Foundation’s non-profit status—effectively ending it—and charge tax penalties for the political and private benefit of its actions for Trump. Trump and Bondi could face federal felony charges from the Department of Justice, the highest charges carrying up to ten years in prison.”

As the campaign grinds down to less than two months away Trump’s staff have many reasons to be nervous. Even if their candidate wins, he will face a dark future of legal questions and possibly time behind bars. For the staff’s part, will they too be found culpable? That will be up to the attorney general who investigates their case, and that person will likely not be named Pam Bondi.


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