After Brad Attacked Trump, Angelina Jolie & Bradd Pitt Have HEARTBREAKING Announcement

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Hollywood megastar couple Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt are politically at odds. Perhaps so at odds that this happened?

Angelina Jolie apparently HATES Obama

[Angelina] is a beautiful Hollywood actress who has served as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador since 2001. Her Husband, Brad Pitt, is a major donor and promoter of the Democratic Party and supporter of Barack Obama.

Sources close to Angelina Jolie have come forward to say that she not only dislikes Obama, but thinks he’s a socialist. The quote from one source was, “She hates him. She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise.”


Brad Pitt on the other hand clearly can not understand and I imagine strongly dislikes Trump, he too has been public about that.

During an interview with T Magazine Pitt spoke about the election:

Pitt is clearly disturbed at the possibility of a Trump presidency. He said, “I can’t bring myself to think that Trump will be in charge. In the simplest terms, what brings us together is good, and what separates us is bad. When things are going wrong and we can’t find the reason for it, we just start creating enemies.”

“Coming from Oklahoma, southern Missouri, which leans more toward a Trump voice, I try to understand it. It seems that the people who suffer the most end up betting for the party that would hurt them. And so I try to understand where they’re coming from.”


“A Trump supporter is fighting against just about everything. What does he even mean, take our country back? Would someone please explain that to me? Where’d it go?”

Now comes the bad news, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce… I’m certainly not saying nor does the information reflect that this had anything to do with their personal politics, although who knows, maybe they have personal disagreements.


What is very strange about this election is that people are living in two different worlds while being neighbors. Seeing things completely differently. I imagine a number of marriages will become highly contentious, perhaps leading to divorce. Friendships will be torn apart.

Is this really the country we want to live in? And what can we do to make it better. Comment below.

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