12 Perfect Responses To The Sexist Conservative Hillary Health Conspiracy Nuts

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Hillary Clinton Sunday had heatstroke brought on by pneumonia that she was diagnosed with since Friday. The result has been a media fiasco, but the real question is why. The answer is sexism. Hillary despite having pneumonia has continued to keep working on her campaign. Sunday at the 9-11 memorial the temperature in New York was in the 80’s with extremely high humidity, combined with her wearing body armor, having pneumonia, and working from dawn till dusk the result was that she had problems with the heat.

While the Conservative media was quick to jump on the fact that Hillary must have more serious health problems the real reason they are doing this is because Hillary as a woman is being held to a higher standard. To prove to her detractors that nothing was wrong just 90 minutes after the incident Hillary made a camera appearance outside of Chelsea Clinton’s New York apartment. She appeared exceedingly nimble and posed for a picture from a young girl.

Instead of taking this at face value the Conservative internet insisted that Hillary was using a body double. This bizarre theory despite the fact she was wearing the same outfit, spoke to cameras, ETC.

What followed on the internet were thousands of hateful comments against Hillary, some people going so far as to say that pneumonia was Gods way of telling Hillary she was unfit for office.

Meanwhile the sane people of the world posted to the internet to perfectly illustrate the hypocrisy of the day. Here are the 12 best responses originally catalogued by Huffington Post.

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