WOW: Trump’s former school hates his guts, they write in scathing open letter

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has never shied away from touting his educational credentials as part of his qualifications in making his case to the American people why they should vote for him, but a monkey wrench has been thrown into his campaign’s machine.

Trump graduated from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance, an accomplishment which Trump enjoys reminding people of. In the past he stated with a straight face, “I went to the Wharton School of Finance. I’m, like, a really smart person.”

While it is true Trump graduated from the prestigious universities, which is one of the top business schools in America. However, that doesn’t mean his former classmates or the current students at Wharton have warm and fuzzy thoughts when the subject of Donald Trump is placed on the table. In fact current students of Wharton recently published an open letter to explain their disdain and “outrage” over Trump’s candidacy.

The students in the letter wrote, Dear Mr. Trump:

At the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, students are taught to represent the highest levels of respect and integrity. We are taught to embrace humility and diversity. We can understand why, in seeking America’s highest office, you have used your degree from Wharton to promote and lend legitimacy to your candidacy.

As a candidate for President, and now as the presumptive GOP nominee, you have been afforded a transformative opportunity to be a leader on national and international stages and to make the Wharton community even prouder of our school and values.

However, we have been deeply disappointed in your candidacy.

We, proud students, alumni, and faculty of Wharton, are outraged that an affiliation with our school is being used to legitimize prejudice and intolerance. Although we do not aim to make any political endorsements with this letter, we do express our unequivocal stance against the xenophobia, sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry that you have actively and implicitly endorsed in your campaign.

The Wharton community is a diverse community. We are immigrants and children of immigrants, people of color, Muslims, Jews, women, people living with or caring for those with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community. In other words, we represent the groups that you have repeatedly denigrated, as well as their steadfast friends, family, and allies.

We recognize that we are fortunate to be educated at Wharton, and we are committed to using our opportunity to make America and the world a better place — for everyone. We are dedicated to promoting inclusion not only because diversity and tolerance have been repeatedly proven to be valuable assets to any organization’s performance, but also because we believe in mutual respect and human dignity as deeply held values. Your insistence on exclusion and scapegoating would be bad for business and bad for the American economy. An intolerant America is a less productive, less innovative, and less competitive America.

We, the undersigned Wharton students, alumni, and faculty, unequivocally reject the use of your education at Wharton as a platform for promoting prejudice and intolerance.

Presently the letter has received around 600 signatures from past and present Wharton students. While the publication of this document will likely not cause much of a blip on the presidential election’s radar, it does show Trump isn’t popular even at his old stomping grounds.

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