WOW: Trump adviser calls RNC chairman a variety of vile names

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The simple reality of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tanking poll numbers are apparent for all to observe, which is causing a rift between Trump and the Republican party establishment. The tense relationship between the two has been part of the national conversation for months, and deeper cracks in the veneer have become apparent for all to observe.

An adviser to Trump named Roger Stone, a best selling New York times author, showed his contempt for the Republican National Committee’s chairman Reince Priebus in a Twitter update. The comments from Stone come after Priebus reminded the RNC, “has warned that if Trump does not better heed this persistent advice to avoid dustups driven by his rhetoric, the RNC might not be able to help him as much.” Stone, ever a classy individual, responded in a manner which would have pleased his overlord:

This wasn’t the first time Stone has taken Priebus and the RNC to task publcily. Over the years there have been a slew of comments and sneers by the conservative author and commentator. For example Stone enjoyed swapping Priebus’s last name for “penis” during his tirades:

Stone’s contempt did not end with his phallic description of the RNC chairman, he also called him a douchebag:

There was event that time when Stone called for the embattled Priebus to be prosecuted:


Despite the Republican establishment’s plea for Trump  and his surrogates to tone down their rhetoric, it is apparent that will not be the case. Now the next play falls to the RNC to see if they will actually make good on their threats of pulling funding from Trump’s campaign. Such a move would be unprecedented in American politics for a party to no longer support their presidential nominee before the election concludes. If and when such a scenario transpires it will create a storm unlike anything before which we’ve observed.

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