White man guns down unarmed black woman in street with assault rifle over traffic dispute

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Deborah Pearl was gunned down in cold blood by Matthew Desha.

Desha ran a red light and smashed into Pearl’s vehicle. When Pearl exited her vehicle, thankful to be alive, she was attempting to assess the damage done to her vehicle. Desha also exited his vehicle, but he was carrying an assault rifle.

Numerous witnesses at the scene say Pearl screamed when she saw Desha advancing towards her with his weapon. She raised her hands in an attempt to defend herself from the bullets she knew Desha was about to fire at her. A bare hand is no match for a high-velocity bullet and Deborah Pearl collapsed in a lifeless bloody heap on the ground.

Police quickly arrived and took Desha into custody, who was charged with murder. Considering the circumstances of the gruesome and ruthless killing it seems highly unlikely Desha will not be convicted of his brutal crime.

To make matters worse Desha had been arrested just a few months prior for illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Desha also had been arrested in the past for drug possession, and he had a violent criminal history.

Pearl leaves behind three children. Her son Derryo Pearl said, “Word’s can’t explain what we’re going through. This is the roughest patch a human being can go through. I’ve gone through tough times before, but it wasn’t like this.”

Police are still investigating the shooting, and are not yet releasing what they believe to be the motive of the shooting. Many in the public believe the shooting was racially motivated as Pearl was black and Desha is white. Desh is being held on a $1 million dollar bond, and is facing 25 years in prison.

Watch Desha’s official court arraignment below:

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