Watch: Trump’s new campaign manager is caught contradicting herself

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The Donald Trump presidential campaign is in constant disarray, and the campaign’s staff is constantly being hired and fired.

With Trump’s former number one, Paul Manafort, leaving the national stage in disgrace, after it was revealed he accepted over $12 million in cash from Eastern European dictators, it has given rise to Trump’s new campaign manager. Kellyanne Conway, the biggest train wreck Trump could have chosen to represent him, is exactly why Trump’s campaign continues to struggle. Take Conway’s recent appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” as a prime example.

When asked why the Republican presidential nominee refuses to release his taxes Conway wasted no time regurgitated the same absurd points about the IRS’s audit. There is evidence to show Trump isn’t even being audited, but who has time for reality? Conway said, “He has said very clearly, and I back him up completely, that when the audit is completed he will release the tax returns. And let me just say something about transparency. It comes in many different forms, Dana, as does accountability and as does truthfulness. And we can’t imagine going up against a less transparent, less accountable, more sort of rigged and corrupt individual as our political opponent than Hillary Clinton. She’s had a terrible week when it comes to being transparent and accountable. Whether it’s the revelations of the pay-for-play at the — in the State Department, that I know that CNN is very much on top of and your reporting is, Dana. As well as, as well as, the — what happened at the Clinton Foundation, which is a big hot mess.”

To make Conway’s statements even more so bizarre it should be noted before she was elevated to the top spot in Trump’s campaign she was a vocal proponent of Trump to release his taxes. However, this has all changed according to Conway. She said:

Now that I’m on the inside, I know something I didn’t know then, which is he is under audit and what that means.

The various contortions and flipflopping of positions are par for the course for Trump and his staff. Conway seems to be adjusting to her position nicely as a blowhard who will say anything to avoid the truth. One wonders if she will suffer the same fate as Manafort, and who will be leading Trump’s campaign as the clock runs down to November.

Watch the entire exchange below:

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