WATCH: NYPD brutally beats man on the ground

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A sickening video of police brutality has surfaced involving the New York City Police Department where officers were recorded brutalizing an African American suspect with numerous punches and kicks to the suspect’s face and body while the suspect is being held down in the street.

The suspect and victim in the video, identified as 26-year-old Darnell Simmons, is seen in the short video as being taken into custody. While officers attempt to cuff Simmons they are being assisted by a citizen bystander who also got into the mix. The bystander has no legal authority to be involved but they did not prevent police from allowing the individual to help hold Simmons down to the ground.

In the video, it is apparent that the officer is able to cuff one hand of Simmons before he is punched in the face over and over again and is then brutally kneed in the face.

The incident transpired after police say Simmons was located by detectives as he walked into a McDonald’s restaurant and was arrested. Simmons was in violation of his parole and a suspect in numerous burglaries. Before the video began police say Simmons attempted to fight with the officers and bloodied the nose of one officer. The NYPD also alleges that Simmons bit an officer.

After Simmons was subdued and taken into custody the NYPD says two officers required medical treatment for a broken nose, a torn ligament, and two herniated disks. Due to the injuries sustained during the arrest one of the officers is required to take two full months off the job before returning to street patrol.

Watch the brutal arrest below:

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