Washed up actor John Voight defends Donald Trump

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Washed up has-been actor Jon Voight, who is more famous for being Angelina Jolie’s father than anything else he’s ever done, came to the support of Donald Trump like a good lapdog.

The former “Deliverance” actor came out swinging against criticism portrayed towards Trump during an impromptu interview with TMZ when Voight was spotted at a Beverly Hills restaurant. Voight said, “People are trying to make him look foolish. He’s a terrific guy. I know him personally. He’s got a good sense of humor. He’s off the cuff. He’s a lot of fun.”

When Voight was asked about Trump’s despicable comments implying his supporters should use violence against Hillary Clinton he flatly denied Trump threatened “assassinating” the Democratic nominee. Voight piped up, “He didn’t say that word. Don’t do that. Don’t distort what he said. You can be in a lot of trouble if people want to distort your words. That’s what he goes through. All the time, every time. He’s being attacked continuously. They’re taking apart everything he does. He made a wonderful speech yesterday. Everybody should sit down and listen to that speech, because it’s full of substance and it tells you what the problems are, and it tells you how to answer those problems.”

The clueless Voight seems to truly believe in Trump. He finished the interview by declaring his support:

He’s an answer to our problems. We need to get behind him. The Republicans need to unite behind this man. We need somebody to go in and reconstruct us in a sort of way, get us back to where we were, who we need to be.

Mr. Voight officially endorsed Trump in March.

Watch the full interview here:

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