Trump’s wife Melania caught in another LIE campaign seeks to cover up

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Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, finds herself in the crosshairs of the media. After Melania’s nude photographs were released, that had never seen by the public, they sparked a swirl of questions about the validity of her previous statements about how she came to be an American citizen. Many are questioning if Melania had been previously married before The Donald, which would explain how she was able to legally work.

While Melania’s pictures, which were published by The New York Post, were taken in 1995 the official story by Trump’s presidential campaign is she didn’t come to the United States until 1996. If so that means the short-term visa Melania had been issued at the time would have precluded her working as a model. So why the discrepancy? Trump’s campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks said, “Melania followed all applicable laws and is now a proud citizen of the United States.” Mrs. Trump spoke out personally about the matter as well, “I have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. Period.”

Donald Trump’s immigration lawyer, Michael Wildes, claims that Mrs. Trump is lying about her immigration status. He said:

Ms. Trump received citizenship in 2006 and prior to that she had a green card based on marriage.

If the words of Wildes are accurate it would prove Melania has been lying the entire time about her marriage history, something which she talked to about with Larry King on live television to millions of viewers.

The Trump campaign has been scrambling in damage control mode to spin the story in their favor, but Wildes has no reason to lie and the evidence all points towards Melania lying. It wouldn’t be the first time she has caused trouble for The Trump campaign considering her previously plagiarized speech during the Republican National Convention.

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