Trump’s taking campaign advice from insane conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

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It seems Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has no qualms about taking bad advice from the lowliest of sources including conspiracy theorist lunatic Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Jones claims he spoke to Trump about campaign strategy, specifically on the subject of election fraud. Jones said, “The globalists have made a critical error. They have been operating their ongoing takeover program as if they were still in the 1980s or ‘70s. And they believe that they’ve had air superiority with the dinosaur collaborator media. Discrediting, or attempting to discredit or spinning true independent media that’s exposing their crimes.

And they made an even bigger error in the string of them when I came out over a month ago and had a special message to Donald Trump dealing with election fraud — I personally talked to him as well obviously — and he didn’t so much do what I told him to do, he already concurred and absolutely was on the same page and was already right there with me or even ahead of me.”

The bizarre announcement by Jones continued, “But I encouraged him to basically ignore some of the people telling him not to go with that, and to go all the way because if they stole it from Sanders, and they try to steal it from him nakedly in the primaries and they’ve got a history of it, that Homeland Security was going to go in and probably bring in U.N. observers, to make sure illegals and people could vote, and change the debate away from election fraud, to retail voter fraud, which is individuals cheating rather than the computers being hacked.

And I said you’ve gotta do it while you’re still way ahead in the polls cause they’re going to start skewing the polls obviously and saying you’re behind — that’s a standard tactic — you need to go now with this information so that when you’re actually still ahead you talk about the fraud.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to believe Jones sought out Trump and gave him campaign advice, and considering Trump’s willingness to accept advice from some of the worst people working in politics today why wouldn’t he let Jones throw in his two cents? Keeping in mind Alex Jones has never been part of a campaign staff, has zero political experience, and has built a career on presenting wildly bizarre conspiracy theories about everything from assassination attempts to aliens, he truly would be Trump’s strangest adviser. That’s truly saying something.

Watch the segment with Jones below:

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