Trump’s new campaign manager has ties to white supremacists says Ben Shapiro

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Meet Republican nominee Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, Steven K Bannon. Mr. Bannon is the chairman of the sleazy and slanted Breitbart News which has made a name for itself presenting some of the most ridiculous stories about Democrats that have ever graced the Internet.

Now one of Bannon’s former colleagues, Ben Shapiro, a conservative columnist and commentator who once accused Piers Morgan of “standing on the graves” of the children killed at Sandy Hook, has released a scathing report on Bannon.

Shapiro says Bannon turned Breitbart News into a “Trump Pravada for his own personal gain” and that he quit working for the publication because of that decision. Shapiro says Bannon and those who agree with him should feel ashamed for turning the publication into exactly what it’s founder, the late Andrew Breibart, would have wanted.

Further, Shapiro alleges Bannon uses Breitbart to elevate his own celebrity status, rather than to report conservative slanted stories. He cites Bannon connecting himself to Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin as evidence of this, before he made the jump to be Trump’s official lapdog.

In terms of honesty, Bannon manipulated a Breitbart News investor out of millions of dollars. The investor had put their weight behind Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions, while Breitbart attacked Cruz relentlessly and gave Trump a golden ticket free of criticism.

Going on down the road, Bannon began to use Breitbart News as a platform for white supremacists, something the late founder despised. Under Bannon’s leadership the rise of Milo Yiannopoulos came, with his brand of hateful rhetoric and “white ethno nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness.”

Shapiro closes out his tirade by reminding individuals of Bannon’s end game. Either Trump wins and Bannon now has exclusive access to the presidency to build his publication and his fame, or Trump loses and Bannon can help Trump found his own media network. Could you imagine Trump TV? It would make Fox News look like Sesame Street. The rhetoric and hateful information propagated from that network would be the most awful representation of television ever broadcast. However, this all comes on the word of Shapiro, who himself is a snake oil salesman. So take his accusations for what they are worth.

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