Trump’s new adviser doesn’t think slavery was that big of a deal

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Wingnut conservatives are upset that the Department of Veterans Affairs is moving to remove the display of Confederate flags. This includes one of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s newest advisers. The poor babies will no longer be able to see their favorite symbols of racism and slavery displayed. Let’s all play for them the world’s smallest violin.

The VA has stated they are “amending our policy to make clear that Confederate flags will not be displayed from any permanently fixed flagpole in a national cemetery at any time.”

In response to this Sid Miller, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, who is Trump’s new co-chairman to his agricultural advisory team, penned an absolutely idiotic Facebook post where he defended the Confederate flag, and stated The Civil War was much more about freedom of speech than slavery. In part Miller wrote,

The Department of Veteran Affairs or the National Park Service have the right to deny the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech by those who wish to honor their ancestors by placing a fitting memorial to their memory of their choosing. After all, these brave men had no say as to where their earthly remains would be laid to rest. They certainly had no idea that the hallowed ground where they fell would today be a National Park or Cemetery administered by politically correct bureaucrats who have absolutely no understanding of the Civil War and the reasons why it was fought.

Oh, but why was the Civil War fought, Mr. Miller? Please tell us more:

I know that because those who have made this ridiculous decision appear to have no understanding of the United States Constitution or the freedoms it provides even though the graves they now seek to desecrate and ridicule are filled with the bodies of men who clearly understood the meaning of that precious document and who were willing to sacrifice all they had, including their lives and their honor, to protect and preserve it. With all that is going on around our world and the serious threats that exist to our country and our constitutional freedoms by those who carry black flags with Arabic writing upon them, I would think that those in our national government would simply leave alone the flags marking the burial grounds of our Confederate dead. Unfortunately, I fear that is just wishful thinking on my part and highlights why the outcome of the upcoming election is so very, very important.

This revisionism is common among Trump’s supporters who seek to re-write history in a light which is more favorable to their world view. The Civil War had nothing to do with the freedom of speech. An individual has been, and always will be, allowed to state whatever opinions they please and such freedom is protected under the first amendment. If this were not true, would Miller have been able to write such a stupid post?┬áThe answer is no.

Read the entire moronic post by Miller below:

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