Trump’s motorcade assaulted by protesters, was he injured?

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A fundraiser event turned dangerous for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when his vehicle was attacked by protesters.

The scene took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota after Trump left a fundraising event where he charged the outrageous amount of up to $10,000 to attend and be in his orange jiggling presence. Trump’s high-priced demands reflect his own poor taste and penchant for overcharging for cheaply made goods.

The fundraiser was a private event where not a single member of the media was invited to attend. Some media members showed up anyway, but they were barred from setting even a single toe inside the building. Clearly, Trump didn’t want his business to be known about why he was selling himself to the highest bidder, which is in contradiction to his various campaign statements that he is a billionaire who cannot be bought. The question is also raised why Trump would bother with such an event when he could pay for his entire campaign by himself.

Around 100 protesters assailed the convention center for several grueling hours before Trump’s arrival, and some had their minds made up they were going to attack Trump one way or the other. While Trump’s motorcade was guarded by The Secret Service and Minneapolis police, this did not stop protesters from surrounding Trump’s vehicles. Protesters attempted to gain access to Trump by pounding on the windows, and one protester even jumped on the hood of the vehicle.

Several arrests were made but nobody was hurt.

View the entire scene below:

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