Trump’s campaign has made a HUGE error that may cost him the election

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been so busy touring the nation attempting to lure minority voters to his campaign that apparently his campaign forgot to make sure Trump was eligible to be on the presidential election ballot in all 50 states. How could such an elementary mistake have been made on Trump’s behalf? Merely look at who is at the helm; Kellyanne Conway, an individual who would get lost attempting to find her way out of a wet paper sack. Her first order of business should have been to correct the errors of Trump’s former campaign boss, but instead she has failed miserably.

It appears Trump is not actually on the ballot box in the great state of Minnesota. The potentially disastrous error came to light after sample ballots from Minnesota became available to the public and Trump’s name was not attached. This, obviously, drew quite the ire from individuals who demanded why this could have happened. At first it was speculated Trump’s missing name was merely a printing oversight, but as the story began to expand it became clear Trump’s campaign had dropped the wall.

Many individuals in the media have speculated Donald Trump would be dropping out of the presidential contest to attempt to save face in light of his likely devastating defeat at the hands of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Is it possible for this fiasco to have been pre-planned by Trump’s team to give him the wiggle room he needs to avoid being embarrassed? It would make far more sense for Trump, if he is not able to make it onto the Minnesota ballot, to continue on with the race as it stands. He touts himself as wildly popular, so he shouldn’t need Minnesota to win and he likely will not as the state has gone to a Democrat in every race since 1972, at least that is what he believes in his own deluded mind.

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