Trump’s campaign CEO Steve Bannon fired a woman for being pregnant

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The misogyny runs deep in Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He hired Roger Ailes who fled Fox News in disgrace for sexually harassing his employees, and Steve Bannon who apparently fired a woman because she was pregnant; something which is morally abhorrent and as point of fact is illegal.

As Trump’s campaign implodes the media is turning over every stone and looking at every person close to Trump. Bannon has been prone to scandal since he took over as Trump’s campaign CEO. An investigation by the New York Post found Bannon fired a woman from The American Vantage Media Corporation who had the disease Multiple Sclerosis and was on paternity leave with a new born baby.

The revelations came from a lawsuit filed by Julia Panely-Pacettiin 2005. The document says, “Julia Panely-Pacetti, a new mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was terminated by defendants from her position as head of public relations and corporate marketing because of her sex and her disability.”

Panely-Pacettiin’s complaint was settled out of court a year later in 2006, and the terms of the agreement reached with Bannon are secret. There is no way to know what concessions Panely-Pacettiin from Bannon to get her to drop her lawsuit. However, because Panely-Pacettiin is unable to speak on the matter due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, one can draw their own conclusions based on Bannon’s previous history of being an all-around despicable human being.


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