Trump’s campaign boss threatened to shoot staff multiple times

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One of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s North Carolina campaign director is facing a lawsuit for pointing a gun at campaign staff.

Trump has a slew of problems on the campaign trail. From falling polling numbers due to hostile and ugly rhetoric to a dysfunctional campaign staff that continues to embarrass Trump. Along with threats from the Republican establishment to pull funding leaving Trump unable to respond to Democratic attacks the last few months have been anything but smooth sailing. Trump’s North Carolina’s campaign boss’s fiasco could not have come at a worse time.

The individual in question is Earl Phillip, who is facing a lawsuit for allegedly taking a handgun and threatening to shoot campaign staffers for a slew of reasons including being late, or insubordination. While Phillip may have his reasons, the threat or insinuation of violence towards campaign staffers is unjustifiable and criminally negligent.

Vincent Bordini is the former Trump campaign staffer who is pressing forward with the lawsuit. According to court records, Bordini alleges that while driving in a vehicle with Phillip that Phillip drew a pistol and pressed it on Bordini’s knee back in February. Due to the lawsuit Phillip has resigned his position and Jason Simmons is now the boss of Trump’s campaign in North Carolina.

Considering the late date of Bordini’s lawsuit, he has many in the political world wondering why he decided to move forward with a lawsuit. Is it possible Bordini attempted to time the lawsuit to cause damage to Trump’s campaign? Trump has said there is little he could do to alienate his supporters, including shooting someone. However, that does not appear to be the case for those who are his representatives.

Watch Trump brag about being able to shoot someone:

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