Trump’s campaign boss says Republican leadership are “cu**s”

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Stephen Bannon is Donald Trump’s new campaign boss, and the revelations about his past behavior are already making establishment Republicans squirm in their thousand dollar suits. Apparently two years ago Bannon called some of the most powerful Republicans “cunts.” Which isn’t to imply that such a statement may not be true, but a campaign boss from a presidential campaign should maintain a level of decorum, even if their candidate is literally incapable of doing so.

The revelations about Bannon’s slur were revealed by The Daily Beast who exclusively obtained emails from when Bannon was running Breitbart News. The exchange took place two years ago between Bannon and Breitbart News reporter Matt Boyle. The emails detailed a conversation about powerful Republican congressman Jason Cheffetz becoming chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Boyle quipped, “To be honest, completely between us, I think Chaffetz is a sniveling little shit and deserves to have his ass kicked in the conservative media. This is something that leads me very heavily in that direction.” And in a follow-up email Boyle continued his diatribe, “BTW— as for lighting people up in the next few weeks//months we need to be smart about it all. Let’s play the game with brains here, we can’t just kill them all. Let me get some feelers out for how the new congress is gonna work before we annihilate everyone.”

Bannon lept full speed ahead with Boyle’s plan and cheerily responded:

Leadership are all cunts. We should just go buck wild. Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that’s the ONLY thing that will make them do their duty.

The language of Bannon in private gives insight into his strategy for Trump’s campaign. While the Republican establishment wants Trump to tone down his rhetoric, Bannon does not. Considering the Republican National Committee has already threatened to pull funding from Donald Trump’s campaign, such a revelation will likely push them closer to making that decision. The infighting between Republicans is nothing but good news for the rest of America, as it will likely help Trump’s presidential asperations implode that much faster, and it will certainly be fun to watch that happen in real time.

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