Trump’s campaign boss makes shocking comments about women being raped

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A devastating video has emerged of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, making outrageous comments about women being raped.

Conway was a guest on “To the Contrary” on PBS in January 2013 when she participated in a roundtable discussion about the military, in particular women and gender equality on the combat field. The contribution by Conway to the conversation is stunningly ignorant. The host Bonnie Erbe┬ásaid, “30% of men fail the physical to get into the military, so obviously more women would fail than men. But, still, set it at a certain level where it is supposed to be and if a woman passes…fine.”

The Trump campaign boss was not fit to let the point stand that women are typically not as strong as men. She said, “Well let’s go back twenty years to the Shannon Faulkner example at The Citadel. She was used by the feminist movement to make a point. She lasted a couple of weeks because she couldn’t keep up with the physical endurance. Now if you’re suggesting physical fitness today is different I’ll accept that, except to say that we should not have a girls version and a boys version of that physical fitness test.” Conway almost sounds reasonable, but the crazy train is about to leave the station. She next unleashed her verbal tirade of stupid:

I want the best-prepared military regardless of gender, but I’ll tell you. If physical fitness, if we were physiologically, not mentally, emotionally, professionally, but physiologically as strong as men rape would not exist. You would be able to defend yourself and to fight him off.

Conway seems to set aside the concept of women being drugged before they are raped, or that around 9% of men are also victims of rape as well. Trump brought Conway on as his campaign manager as a more friendly face, and to help him win over the votes of women. However, if American women become aware of Conway’s ugly and ignorant views on rape her position in Trump’s campaign may have the exact opposite impact that was intended.


Watch the ridiculous comments below:

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