Trump’s campaign boss is being sued for pointing a gun at staffers

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A former Donald Trump campaign staffer named Vincent Bordini filed a civil lawsuit against the Trump campaign and North Carolina state director Earl L. Phillip alleging that Phillip pointed a gun at him!

The lawsuit alleges that in February Bordini and Phillip were in a car together in South Carolina when Phillip suddenly brandished a .45-caliber pistol and threatened to shoot Bordini. In response to the lawsuit Phillip has shockingly stepped down from his post as the top Trump boss in North Carolina. Of that lawsuit, Phillip said, “I stepped down from all affiliations with Donald J. Trump until this is cleared up.”

According to Bordini this was not the first time Phillip has threatened campaign workers with violence, in fact Bordini alleges that Phillip pulled out his weapon and threatened at least four other workers on non-consecutive occasions. Other unnamed individuals corroborate Bordini’s account that Phillip has been seen “yelling and screaming in anger” with a gun in his hand.

In fact, Bordini was so intimidated by Phillip that he moved his family out of their home to avoid any possible retribution from the psychotic former Trump campaign boss.

Naturally, Phillip has lawyered up and his attorney, William Harding, says Phillip did nothing wrong, “He has never, never been accused or convicted of any criminal activity.¬†We look forward to defending this lawsuit and filing the appropriate counterclaims, including defamation of character.”


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