Trump’s black surrogate tweeted picture of Clinton in blackface, Internet outraged

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Blackface is an offensive and disgusting relic of yesteryear used to dehumanize black individuals. One wonders why Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has surrogates out in the media using blackface as a way to attack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, which is exactly what a prominent Trump supporter did on Twitter.

Mark Burns is a pastor and influential Trump surrogate. Burns spoke at the Republican National Convention and, because he is black, has become a key element of Trump’s pitch to attempt to win minority voters to his side after spend the last year alienating them. Burns took to Twitter to share a vile cartoon of Clinton in blackface. The cartoon has Clinton in black face wearing a shirt that says, “No hot sauce no peace.”

Burns responded to criticism he received for sharing the cartoon on Twitter by attempting to downplay its offensiveness. He said, “The tweet is a frustration that I have as a black man here in America and how I see African-Americans in many cases β€” not every case but in many cases β€” are suffering throughout this country and to see how en masse we have been voting for the Democratic Party en masse and yet we have very little to show for it. It’s a vexation to me to see how the Democratic Party, and especially Hillary Clinton, what I call tap dance for the black vote, get it and then disappear for four more years.”

One can leave it to the Trump campaign to use racism as a tool to score a cheap political point, while simultaneously not acknowledging the racism they have been spreading around the nation.

Burns has since deleted his Tweet, but the Internet doesn’t forget. See the post below:



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