‘Trump Youth’ group is headed by a Nazi sympathizer

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A militant group supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy called “Trump Youth” is run by an individual who has striking similarities to the disgusting “Hitler Youth” which was a wing of the Nazi party. The group spreads vile invective hatred, while luring impressionable young minds to their twisted ideology.

Trump Youth’s leader, Jayme Liardi, who wears a brown shirt and tie similar to Nazi “brown shirts”, is a known Hitler sympathizer who once wrote of his “awakening” on his personal website, “I wanted to understand the mind of the supposed most evil man in history. And yes, I read Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf.’ I quickly realized that I was not being given all of the facts — that what passes for history is merely rehashed propaganda from the war.”

So Liardi thinks Hitler was unfairly framed by the media? Killing millions of innocent people based on their religion was something which could be framed in a more favorable light?

The group’s website says, “Nations have been commandeered by an international criminal cartel, and this parasite is feeding on our energy.” and continues, “It’s in Japan, it’s in China, it’s in Germany, it’s in America,” he warns. “If we don’t throw this parasite off our backs, the world will fall into chaos. These parasites want war, want destruction, they want slavery — and they’re getting them.”

It is important to pay attention to the word “parasites” as that was a word used to describe Jewish people by the Nazis during World War 2. If that isn’t enough evidence, if one seeks to become a member of Trump Youth they are asked to define their ethnicity, as the group seeks to have a clean pool of members with no “parasites” allowed.

As the presidential contest ramps up to its final months, quacks like Liardi and others will continue to come out of the woodwork. Their own oblivious and hateful rhetoric will be the undoing of Trump’s presidential run.

Watch Trump Youth’s group recruitment video:


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