Trump won’t release his medical records because he’s hiding drug addiction

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump refuses to release his medical records, which is curious as Trump enjoys touting himself as a fit physical specimen. Trump does this while his campaign questions the physical fitness of Hillary Clinton to be president while offering no evidence to Trump’s fitness.

Do you recall the letter Trump once released from a doctor who claimed Trump is “healthier than any person ever elected to the presidency”? If this is the case, why does Trump refuse to release his medical records? There is wide speculation the letter was written by Trump himself, but that’s not the point.

One theory is Trump has an addiction to diet pills, although by looking at him you wouldn’t be able to guess that. However the pills are likely not used to curb his appetite, but to give him energy as diet pills are essentially legal crystal meth.

In the unauthorized 1993 biography entitled “Lost Tycoon” author Harry Hurt wrote Trump suffers from “mood swings” attributed to his diet pill habit. According to Hurt:

The ostensible purpose of Donald’s visit to Dr. Greenberg was to seek assistance in losing weight. He had gone to the right place. Dr. Greenberg was an endocrinologist who specialized in providing patients with drugs to control obesity…

Donald was so delighted with the results that he started recommending Dr. Greenberg’s treatments to his brother Robert, various friends, and celebrity acquaintances such as Diana Ross. The diet drugs, which he took in pill form, not only curbed his appetite but gave him a feeling of euphoria and unlimited energy. The medical literature warned that some potentially dangerous side effects could result from long-term usage; they included anxiety, insomnia, and delusions of grandeur. According to several Trump Organization insiders, Donald exhibited all these ominous symptoms of diet drug usage, and then some.

Could this be the reason Trump refuses to release his records, because if he did they would show his health has deteriorated because of his diet pill addiction? One of Hillary Clinton’s top strategists, Joel Benenson, said, “I think Donald Trump ought to start by putting out his health records, as extensive as Hillary Clinton’s. Her doctor put out four times as much information as Donald Trump’s.

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