Trump was humiliated when he engaged in a Twitter war with Mexico’s former president

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been enacting something of a faux-apology tour in his attempt to win over minority voters to his campaign. Trump has planned a trip south of the border to have a meeting with the president of Mexico. The meeting between the two has been a mystery as to why Trump would agree to such an event after he has spent over a year insulting Mexicans by literally launching his campaign by describing them as “rapists.” However, before Trump could attend his special meeting of image repair he displayed, once again, why he is temperamentally unfit to sit in the Oval Office when he engaged in a Twitter war with Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico.

Fox, who has long spoken out about Trump, launched the first Twitter bombs:

The translation reads, “Mexico doesn’t want Trump! Mexico will never trust him. We won’t allow him to use our country for his own gain.”

Fox echoes the point many are making, that Trump has insulted Mexicans for far too long to attempt to turn opinions around that he isn’t bigoted against Mexicans. The translation reads, “There’s no turning back. Trump, your insults towards Mexicans, Muslims, and others have put you in the hole you’re in today. Goodbye, Trump!”

Trump being himself could not resist the urge to engage with Fox. His lack of impulse control is startling, and if he is so easily baited into a Twitter battle with a prominent Mexican politician just before he is to visit Mexico, it should give all pause as to his fitness to be the President of the United States. Trump Tweeted:

Fox snapped back at Trump, this time in English.

The inability of Trump to remain professional when he is about to stand in front of the world is deeply concerning. Fox should be given a medal for exposing Trump’s deep personality flaws. Could one imagine President Obama behaving in such a way before he is to meet with a world leader?

Watch Trump call Mexicans drug dealers and rapists:

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