Trump says NY Times hates him because ‘it’s owned by Mexico’

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s list of acceptable news outlets is growing smaller and smaller by the day. First Trump outright banned The Washington Post from covering his ugly campaign, and The New York Times can now count themselves amongst those who Trump considers to be biased. The Washington Post and The New York Times are two of the largest publications in America, so just exactly who is left to “fairly” cover Trump in a manner which he approves?

Trump said, “I know why I get bad treatment in The New York Times. It’s because it’s owned by Mexico. I don’t know if you know, a rich guy in Mexico actually has power at The New York Times. I wonder why they don’t like us. You know, I just wonder.”

The failed businessman was referring to a Mexican businessman named Carlos Slim, who loaned the New York publication the massive amount of $250 million. As part of the loan agreement Slim had the option to acquire millions of shares in the company, of which he exercised in 2015. Slim obtained 15.9 million shares in The New York Times and instantly became their largest shareholder.

However, the part of the story Trump forgot to tell is part of the loan and stock agreement came with a stipulation which The New York times disclosed in 2009, “Mr. Slim will receive no representation on the company’s board or any shares with special voting rights like those of the Sulzberger family, which controls the company.”

Once again Donald Trump’s talking points have been eviscerated.  He merely makes facts up out of thin air and hopes those who listen to him aren’t paying too close attention to the details.

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