Trump preps to debate Clinton with disgraced Fox News sexual harrasser Roger Ailes

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An unholy alliance has been made between Republican presidential nominee and the disgraced former Fox News honcho Roger Ailes who was shamed out of a job after he was accused of sexually harassing numerous employees. Have you seen Ailes? He is the stuff out of which nightmares are made. When Trump says he has nothing but the best and the brightest working on his campaign, he is not to be taken literally.

Ailes has made a career out of lying and spinning misinformation, but before he was one of the most well-known propagandists in the world he was a political consultant who helped both President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan prepare for presidential debates. Katy Tur at NBC confirmed that Ailes is helping Trump prepare for his debate against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, something the Trump campaign vehemently denied just a short while ago. Tur tweeted:

The ascension of Ailes to counsel Trump on the largest stage he’s ever set foot in his bid to win the presidency is a high stakes scenario where a single mistake can cripple a campaign for good. While Trump has dominated cable news, many Americans will be hearing Trump speak about the presidency for the first time on the debate stage. It is doubtful Trump will be able to stand against a seasoned debater like Hillary Clinton, who has been preparing for this moment the entirety of her life. The only thing standing between her and the Oval Office is the blabbering maniac Trump. She will be ready for him and there is no amount of preparation Roger Ailes could undertake to get Trump in shape to face Clinton when she is at her best.


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