Trump plays dumb when asked if he condones adviser’s call for Clinton to be shot

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a lunatic working with his campaign by the name of Al Baldasaro who is a state representative for New Hampshire. Baldasaro works for Trump on behalf of veteran affairs, and once stated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “should be put in the firing line for treason.” Despite the public outrage against Baldasaro, Trump did not fire him and has continued to accept Baldasaro’s council.

Trump has avoided speaking out against Baldasaro, but he was recently cornered with the question as reported by NBC’s Alex Seitz, “One of your good friends and one of your biggest supporters here in New Hampshire, state Rep. Al Baldasaro, he’s here today. He said some controversial things over the last month or two about Hillary Clinton, suggesting she should be put in front of a firing squad for treason. What do you think about his comments? Do you condone them?”

Using his usual tactic of never giving a straight answer, Trump sidestepped the question entirely and instead gushed praise upon Baldasaro like a drunk who had one too much libations:

Well, I didn’t know that but I will tell you he’s a very fine person. He is a person that loves the military and loves the veterans. He is a man that, as far as veterans and veterans affairs goes, I don’t think anybody knows more than Al. He loves the veterans and what I really know about him is that nobody wants to take care of the veterans of this country, who have been treated horribly, more than Al. So that’s what I do know.

When the questioner was uninterested in Trump’s game they flatly asked, “But you don’t condone any comments?” Trump played completely ignorant and said, “I don’t know what he said. You’d have to show me what he said.”

Individuals who believe Trump is unaware of what Baldasaro said when it was the talk of every media network for several days, are gullible beyond reproach. The willful ignorance of the average voter and their inability to accept they are being lied to is the only reason Trump has gotten this far and unfortunatley, that trend does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

Listen to Baldasaro say Clinton should be shot:

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