Trump Pastor Suggests Shipping Black People To Africa

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Apostle Thomas Rodgers Sr. is one of Trump’s religious backers. Rodgers of Glory International Ministries appeared on CNN to show his support for Trump and spell out his plan for shipping blacks to Africa. Thomas in an interview with CNN host Carol Costello advocated a “dual citizenship” program where gang violence could be reduced by people of color going to Africa to complete construction projects on “roads and bridges”.

Via WinningDemocrats: “African-Americans are the only people in the world who do not seek dual citizenship,” Rodgers said. “That’s why Chicago gangs, California gangs, the Crips and the Bloods and Detroit in Michigan — we have gangs in the streets because blacks have no vision, they have no leadership.”

When asked to clarify by Costello Rodgers elaborated:

“Matter of fact, where our ancestors came from, from the Indian Ocean all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, that’s 4,000 miles and we want to go back and help with the highways all the way across, to create jobs, train rails, pipelines, oil, petroleum. They create jobs for young people that can’t find jobs here, that the Democrats have not did.”

“I think it would give young people in prison [jobs] just like Great Britain did,” he opined.

“So you are suggesting young people in trouble should go back to Africa, perhaps to find jobs?” Costello asked.

“Not to go back, but I say to return,” Rodgers insisted. “It’s a clause in the United Nations charter, our right to return, to help build infrastructure. Everybody don’t want to stay here. We are skilled people.”

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