Trump hires disgraced general to advise on foreign policy

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A disgraced retired lieutenant general named Michael Flynn is joining Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s advisory team, as Trump enjoys to surround himself with individuals full of shame.

Flynn is formerly of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He was forced out of government in 2014 after he publicly criticized President Obama’s policies on radical Islam. Flynn’s connections to Vladimir Putin’s government, when Flynn was paid by Russian state television to speak, was also a major issue with the Obama administration. The connections were also part of Flynn’s departure from the military’s top brass.

It has been reported in the mainstream media that Flynn will be accompanying candidate Trump to a top-secret military briefing. Trump is eligible to attend this briefing because he won the GOP nomination, and the military and intelligence agencies believe it is vital for candidates from both parties to be updated on matters of national security. This is due to the possibility of either candidate winning and having both of them aware of what is happening in real time the day they are sworn into the Oval Office.

There are fears, however, that Trump being the fool he is will leak any information he receives. He’s already been accused of doing so. Trump has surrounded himself with a crew of dysfunctional individuals, and one should have absolutely zero confidence in their abilities to protect America’s secrets anymore than their abilities to not create a scandal every other day.


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