Trump fundraiser hosts say they won’t attend due to Trump’s rhetoric

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There’s a fundraiser for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Seattle scheduled for the end the month on August 30, but support from two prominent Republican businessmen has been rescinded due to Trump’s attacks on a fallen Muslim U.S. soldier’s family.

Provenance Hotels owners Gordon Sonland and Bashar Wali, both lifelong Republicans, had been listed as official hosts to the Trump fundraiser in the invitations sent out Trump’s campaign. However, the two businessmen now want nothing to do with Trump. A spokesperson for Provenance Hotels gave a statement on the subject of Trump:

Mr. Trump’s statements have made it clear that his positions do not align with their personal beliefs and values.

Sonald is a first-generation American and his parents were “forced to flee Germany during the years leading up to World War II because they were persecuted for their faith.” Wali is a “Mulsim American who emigrated to this country from Syria.”

The spokesperson went on to say:

Trump’s constantly evolving positions diverge from their personal beliefs and values on so many levels, neither Mr. Sondland or Mr. Wali can support his candidacy.

No wonder the two prominent members of Seattle society are no longer supporting Donald Trump and his violent anti-immigrant rhetoric. They are not alone in their disgust with Trump’s campaign cornerstones of hate and fear mongering, and they join millions of Americans who are standing up to say Trump can not and must not win the presidency in November.


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