Trump Encourages His Supporters To Intimidate At Voting Places

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It is common practice for politicians to encourage their supporters to get out on election day and to vote while bringing as many of their friends and family members with them as possible. However, Republican presidential nominee has taken this tradition down a twisted road. He is asking his supporters to both vote, and to then hang around polling places to ensure that there is no cheating happening.┬áThis is a curious position as anyone dumb enough to vote for Trump certainly isn’t qualified to be deputized to ferret out voter fraud.

During a campaign stop in Altoona, Pennsylvania Trump bellowed, “The only way we can lose in my opinion, I really mean this, in Pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. We have to call up law enforcement. And we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching.”

The tanned businessman then laid down the gauntlet:

I hope you people can sort of not just vote on the 8th, go around and look and watch other polling places, and make sure that it’s 100 percent fine.

There is speculation that Trump’s call for voters to watch polling places is actually a form of intimidation which has been decreed against by the Republican National Committee since 1982. The decree was put in place to prevent minorities from being intimidated away from polling places. In part the language states individuals must, “refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision.”

Watch Trump’s full speech below:

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