Trump disgustingly uses tragic death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin to launch cheap shot

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been touring the United States making an effort to win over minority voters after spending the last year alienating the same individuals. Trump’s efforts have been lauded in the media as both transparent and tone deaf. His recent comments about an NBA superstar’s family tragedy has done the faux-billionaire no favors in attempting to reach minorities.

NBA superstar Dwayne Wade’s cousin Nykea Aldridge was murdered as she walked her young child around in a stroller in Chicago. Police believe the circumstances surrounding Aldrige’s death are she was struck with bullets from a gang-related skirmish and that she was not a primary target.

Trump, staying true to disgusting form, used the death of Aldridge to attempt to score cheap political points and vindicate his attempts to lure minority voters to support him. Trump tweeted:

A variety of high profile individuals have shared their contempt for Trump attempting to benefit from the tragic murder of Aldridge. The CEO and Founder of Gum Road, Sahil Lavingia, pointed out Trump’s hypocrisy. He tweeted:

Award winning journalist Lauren Duca joined in on railing against Trump, who deleted his Tweet for spelling errors, but quickly replaced it:

Dwyane Wade also tweeted out about the incident, but did not mention Trump:

Trump’s tone deafness is now apparent for all individuals to observe. He has attempted to use the death of an innocent woman to justify his hateful campaign rhetoric, and those attempts are falling flat.


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