Trump didn’t donate anything to Louisiana flood victims and has been lying to everyone

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After the disastrous flood in Louisiana which devastated thousands of homes and displaced even more residents, Donald Trump flew down to the disaster area to allegedly donate a truck full of goods and $100,000 to charity. On its face this seemed to be an admirable scenario for Trump, but upon closer inspection by The Washington Post it has now been proved Trump did neither and has been lying to the media. Quite a shocking surprise, no?

The Republican presidential nominee claimed to donate $100,000 to a church run by one of the biggest bigots in America, Tony Perkins. However, Perkins, who is a Trump supporter stated his church has not yet received any money. However he then said in an email, “I’ve been told the church should receive it on Friday.” While Perkins’ church may be receiving a donation very soon, there still hasn’t been a confirmation the donation will be coming from The Donald.

Furthermore Trump and his campaign claim that when he went down to St. Amant, Louisiana he donated a semi-truck full of supplies. The problem? There has been zero evidence to corroborate the truck and its contents were donated by Trump. The resident pastor of St. Amant, Pastor Mark Stermer, said, “I was where Trump was the whole time, and he didn’t say one way or the other. I was never told he donated the truck. I was just told that, ‘Hey, this truck was the truck that was coming with Trump.’ So I never heard it was donated.”

One would assume that Trump, a legendary braggart, would have no problem producing documentation to prove he donated a truck of goods, or money. Yet, where are the receipts? Trump could silence critics immediately and instead he chooses not to do so, because he can’t. Once again the faux-billionaire has been caught in a shameful lie — this time at the expense of victims of a disaster.


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