Trump claims Obama bribed NY officials to sue him for $40 million

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It appears that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump paranoid fantasies got the best of him when he accused President Barack Obama of arranging for New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, to investigate him and his debunked “Trump University” in exchange for a magical $15,000 that Trump can offer no evidence exists.

The comments were made in February and were recently unearthed as Trump was such a busy bee insinuating various other hostile, racist, despicable charges at the time that this whopper must have slipped through the cracks. However, as the presidential contest clock dwindles down, all of Trump’s statements are being placed under a microscope.

During a rally in Bentonville, Arkansas the failed businessman laid out his baseless accusations, “The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse. The following day he sues me. What they don’t say is, I believe, fifteen thousand or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.”

What evidence did Trump offer for these allegations? None. The historical timeline proves what Trump is a stone lying propagandist as well. Schneiderman’s $40 million case against Trump University began in 2013, years before Trump announced his candidacy for president. Schniederman alleged Trump, and Trump University’s president Michael Sexton, had engaged in “persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct.”

Oddly Trump actually donated his own money to Schniderman in January of 2014, ponying up a $12,500 donation which is a fair chunk of change considering there are reports which show Trump only donated $10,000 over several years despite claims that he had donated millions. However, as is par for the course of Trump, dates, facts, and quotes mean very little to him and his spin machine.
Watch Trump’s entire speech below:

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