Trump campaign in meltdown, tries to salvage Hispanics

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After building his entire campaign on extremely strict immigration policies which included building a wall to keep out Mexicans who are “rapists” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is now attempting to walk back his rhetoric and repackage his message in a way which is more palpable to the American people.

Mr. Trump spoke with his Hispanic advisers about more “humane and efficient” protocols to handle individuals who travel to the United States illegally. Trump stipulated, however, that whatever recommendations were given they should always be in tandem with policies of border security.

According to Jacob Monty, a prominent immigration lawyer in attendance, Trump said, “He said people who are here is the toughest part of the immigration debate, that it must be something that respects border security but deals with this in a humane and efficient manner.” Monty is just one of numerous individuals who make up the newly founded “National Hispanic Advisory Council for Trump” whose purpose is to attempt to untangle Trump’s disastrous rhetoric within the Hispanic community. Polling numbers do not lie, and Trump is losing Hispanics by a wide margin. The Wall Street Journal had Trump with only 14% support.

While Trump seeks to be humane and efficient, at base his policies are about removing millions of people fromwithin the borders of the United States. Those charged with this task will not do so gently, and will often if not always be using force and threats of violence to get individuals to comply with their demands. Therefore, regardless of Trump’s new Hispanic council, it seems unlikely he will be able to sway more than three-fourths of America’s Hispanic population to support his candidacy with just a little over three months to election day. Trump’s spent a year vilifying Hispanics, and they aren’t likely to forget.

Watch some of the meeting below:

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