Trump Campaign Head Domestic Violence, Abused Wife According To Police Report

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Donald Trump already notoriously unpopular with women just created a really dumb problem for himself. His new campaign “CEO” Stephen K. Bannon was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and battery in 1996.

Via Politico: The Santa Monica, Calif., police report says that Bannon’s then-wife claimed he pulled at her neck and wrist during an altercation over their finances, and an officer reported witnessing red marks on her neck and wrist to bolster her account.

This is coming from the campaign of Donald Trump. Trump the man who has been accused of sexual assault by three women. Including an allegation of child rape, against a 13 year old(his lawyers call that a hoax).

But, it gets better: “Bannon also reportedly smashed the phone when she tried to call the police.” and then the thing was dropped because she didn’t show up to court! What the heck is going on here.

Bannon pleaded not guilty, but his wife never appeared. That same year, after the charges were dropped, Bannon and his then wife divorced.

“The bottom line is he has a great relationship with the twins[Bannon has twin daughters], he has a great relationship with the ex-wife, he still supports them,” said Alexandra Preate, Bannon’s spokeswoman.

According to the Police Report posted on Politico, what started as Bannon being sent to the couch to sleep there, then led to his being angry after he was woken up from noises in the kitchen. Thereafter, he refused his wife’s request to use the American Express to buy groceries. After chastising her, she spat a him, then he attacked her… chased her into the house, and broke the phone after she called 911.

Very charming stuff. Very typical of the Trump campaign.

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