Trump campaign accuses Obama of invading Afghanistan 8 years before he was president

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The Donald Trump presidential campaign was in full revisionist spin mode after Trump’s official campaign spokesperson came out with the embarrassingly fallacious accusation that President Barack Obama had originally invaded Afghanistan — something which anyone with a history book or access to a Google search could easily disprove.

Katrine Pierson bellowed on CNN, “Remember we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem.” The only problem with this comment is that it is flatly untrue. The invasion of Afghanistan began in 2001, under the failed presidency of George W. Bush after the terrorist attacks on September 2001 in New York City where over two thousand innocent Americans were tragically killed. Pierson may have been confused with the start of the war with Obama’s campaign pledge in 2008 to ramp up the war in Afghanistan, something to which he made good on after he assumed office in 2009 and the surge took place in December of that same year.

While there is a debate if the Afghanistan war was a success or not, there can be no debate about clear historical facts. Trump’s brand and campaign have an entitlement to their opinions about foreign policy decisions and outcomes. Trump has repeatedly stated the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes, and much of American electorate would agree with that. However, to flatly and blatantly attempt to rewrite history to score a few cheap political points on a cable news program is both low and cheap. The Trump campaign is not entitled to their own version of history and they would do well to have their representatives peruse a book or two before they continue bloviating and embarrassing themselves.

Watch the stupidity below:

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