Trump BUSTED lying about IRS AUDIT

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has caused fury on multiple fronts, but much of his rhetoric is given a pass. What has infuriated voters more than anything else is Trump’s unwillingness to release his taxes like every other presidential candidate has done for the last 40 years. Trump’s surrogates said the tradition of releasing taxes is pointless, and that Trump would release his taxes if he was not presently under an audit by the IRS. Now new information shows Trump may even be lying about being audited!

Before his disgraceful resignation as Trump’s number one on the campaign trail Paul Manafort stated Trump would not be releasing his taxes before the election in November, without qualifying Trump’s reasoning being related to an IRS audit.

However, Newsweek has recently published a report which shows Trump has been lying through his teeth the entire time about even being audited. They wrote:

To back up the contention that he is being audited, Trump’s campaign earlier this year released a letter from his tax lawyers stating that he was under audit. That leaves the public having to take the word of Trump’s paid legal advocates. There’s a more definitive option: The real estate developer could very easily produce documentation from the Internal Revenue Service stating that he is under audit.

The apt reporting by the renowned publication does raise a very valid point. If Trump is indeed being audited, where is the audit letter? Why has Trump failed to produce this letter? Trump led the charge against President Barack Obama to release his birth certificate, which he did. Trump would do well to follow his own standards and release the documentation of his audit. He could even redact information, just as long as he presented a genuine document. However, one shouldn’t hold their breath in waiting for the release, as they might lose consciousness.

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