Trump being advised by lunatic Michele Bachmann

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One of America’s dumbest former members of Congress is back in the spotlight. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) spells her name with one L instead of two because she doesn’t want her name to spell hell, and she claims to be advising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on foreign policy. If these two were to put their IQs together it wouldn’t equal zero.

Bachmann was in attendance at Trump’s fundraiser in Minnesota where individuals paid up to $10,000 to have the pleasure to breathe the same air as the faux-billionaire himself. The two morons have been friends for many years. Bachmann told reporters she sits on Trump’s “evangelical advisory board” as well as advising Trump on foreign policy. Considering neither Trump nor Bachmann have an ounce of foreign policy experience, and exactly zero years spent in military service, why wouldn’t Trump be using Bachmann, of all people, as a primer to light the way on foreign policy?

The disgraced former congresswoman who left office to save face from being investigated for a variety of shady dealings says she supports Trump because of his “1950s common sense.” She failed to elaborate what common sense from the 1950s would entail, but the most prevalent aspect which comes to mind is racial segregation and the ability of white members of society to dehumanize individuals based solely on the color of their skin.

Trump’s visit to Bachmann’s state makes little strategic sense, but neither does the incoherent ramblings of either of these two human garbage dumps. A Republican presidential candidate hasn’t won the state of Minnesota since 1972, and it is likely to stay that way with or without the ever-so-gracious help of the defunct congresswoman.


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