Trump accuses Clinton of paling around with KKK, except his father went to KKK rallies

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a never ending stream of stupidity to feed to the public, of which millions eat with a spoon. His latest attack against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is she has had mentors of which were members of the Klu Klux Klan. Trump makes these accusations after his own father, Fred Trump, used to attend Klu Klux Klan rallies almost 100 years ago, and of which have been heavily documented by the media.

Trump tweeted:

The crux of Trump’s argument revolves around the deceased Senator Robert Byrd, who was indeed a former Klu Klux Klan member in his earlier years before he spent decades fighting for racial equality. Byrd was a friend of Hillary and a staunch supporter of her political career. After Byrd’s death Clinton described the senator as “a true American original, my friend and mentor.”

Trump’s allegations come as he attempts to win minority voters over to his campaign, which has been met with a sharp rebuke by voters and pundits alike. The audacity of Donald Trump to attempt to paint Hillary Clinton as a racist, or as an individual who supports racism and bigotry, is Trump’s latest scheme. The plan is two-fold. Trump’s attacks relieve him from the attacks by the media, and he voices baseless comments about Clinton. It matters not if Trump’s words are accurate or true, what matters to him is airtime on television news, and inches in columns. Trump does not need to prove anything, all that he requires is for his words to be repeated by pundits at individuals who do not pay attention will assume he is telling the truth.

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