Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog trolls a whole room of Trump supporters with shocking results

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Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog is back and better than ever just in time for the circus which has become the 2016 presidential race. The glorious and brilliant trolling by Triumph against some of Donald Trump’s most virulent supporters is truly a spectacle for all with a funny bone to behold.

The scam began with Trump’s supporters were tried into believing that they had been hand selected to be part of a very important focus group which would be helping out the Trump campaign. Triumph explained, “We decided to assemble a group of them for an unfiltered view at how they connect with Trump’s vision for America.”

One of the most shocking and insulting ads that were presented to the group of rabid Trump fans was the one which used a voice similar to Donald Trump that outlined a proposal for building a wall between Mexico — something which most of his supporters consider being the centerpiece of his campaign. Because such a construction effort would take years to complete the ad called for an invisible electric fence to keep any illegals out.” The ad further stipulated that all 150 million Mexican citizens would be required to wear shock collars and that they would happily pay for the cost of these collars. The ad finished that the collars would be decorated with “the only thing they love more than crime — bling. Trump quality.”

Any individual with a conscience would have been disgusted at these suggestions, but not Trump’s suporters. They found the entire proposal reasonable, but they were only concerned that if the collars were of too high quality that the Mexicans wearing them might try to “sell the bling.”  How callous and cruel.

Watch the entire scenario below:

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