The NRA is spending millions to defeat Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton is not a friend of The National Rifle Association (NRA), and it shows. The NRA has taken a large step against Clinton by releasing a $3 million ad campaign against her quest for the presidency.

The NRA’s Political Victory Fund released an ad meant to alienate voters against Clinton’s gun policies. The chairman of the Political Victory Fund, Chris Cox, said, ““If elected Hillary Clinton will appoint an-anti-gun Supreme Court Justice to overturn our fundamental right to self-protection. That is what this election is about: protecting our individual right to keep a firearm in our home for protection and making sure that there isn’t one set of rules for political elites like Hillary Clinton and a different set for the rest of us.”

The ad sets the stage by calling Hillary Clinton a millionaire, as if that is a detriment considering the NRA has spent $6 million touting billionaire Donald Trump’s candidacy. The hypocrisy does not stop there as the NRA’s latest commercial volleys out lie after lie about Hillary Clinton calling her “an out of touch hypocrite”, while implying Donald Trump is in-touch with everyday Americans while he sits at the top of a tower in a pent house.

A report by Politifact stated there is zero evidence to substantiate Hillary Clinton wanting to repeal the Second Amendment, or that he has any desire to remove guns from the hands of law abiding American citizens. Yet the NRA is uninterested in facts, and seeks to spread their propaganda to as many potential voters as possible so that they can muddy the waters between fact and fiction.

Watch the NRA’s ridiculous new spot below:

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